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A Life on the Ocean Wave – Continuous Training and Accreditation Required

Posted By: Judy Bloxham

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This week is National Seafarers Awareness week. When most of our overseas personal travel is by air (238 million v 21.3 million in 2014 according to DfT 2014 Transport Statistics), it is easy to forget how much we still rely on our sea connections as an island nation. In comparison to passenger travel, 95% of freight in and out of the UK is by sea. Operational and safety management are a key component, making training and accreditation vital to the success of the maritime industry.

The industry is highly regulated by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) and STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) which provides an international minimum standard of training throughout the world, increasing safety at sea through consistency. Without the correct certificates a potential crew member cannot take up a posting. Alongside initial training, many of the skills required are part of a five year rolling programme of reaccreditation eg Personal Survival Techniques (PST).

Continually updating skills and ensuring credentials are up to date brings challenges. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency impact assessment identified “further costs to ship owners as existing seafarers will be unavailable for duty whilst on training courses”. Yet it is essential to safety that competency is continually monitored and refreshed.

eCom Scotland have worked with a wide variety of industries to address similar issues. eLearning is a cost effective way of deliver underpinning knowledge and skills, particularly when those involved are widely distributed. Our work with Hyundai delivered ‘just-in-time’ micro learning via mobile devices. The learning was available in multiple languages and fully trackable to see who has participated.

The maritime industry (re)certification requires a mix of practical observation and examined theory to validate capability. eCom are experienced in developing systems to capture practical capabilities. We have helped our clients SJIB to demonstrate compliance for the Scottish electrical industry, and IWCF to develop a secure online/offline assessment solution which enables examinations in some difficult locations.

The maritime industry requires a continuous cycle of retraining and rectification but finding a suitable, cost-effective model can be a challenge.

eCom takes the time to understand your business issues and constraints, developing bespoke learning and development solutions that meet your organisation’s needs. Our data and assessment systems are securely hosted by UK Fast here in Britain, ensuring that data storage and processing comply with the requirements of UK Data Protection.

Give us a call on 01383 630032 or email us to discuss your current challenges with one of our Learning Technology Consultants.

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