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Have you been digitised?

Posted By: eCom Scotland

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This might seem like something you read in a sci-fi novel, but the reality it is here. Many companies now have Head of Digital, Digital Transformation Managers, Digital Marketers. See this article for some likely new job titles.  

I particularly liked the Fusionist.

This change is not new, the evolution has been happening for a few years, with billions of users on social media letting us know it’s happening.  The prospect is that in 2016 this trend will speed up dramatically.   This is because most company’s core systems use sophisticated software to deliver their products, services and training, and the integration of the software across the business is bringing companies the competitive edge.  As reflected by the Top Deck in Toward Maturity's Annual Benchmarking Report.

Here is a great quote from Steve Denning in Forbes in 2015. 

 “Networked organisations using agile management practises with a culture of trust, delegation and collaboration are able to move and innovate much more rapidly than traditional managements that are saddled with legacy cultures of hierarchical bureaucracy, slowing-moving processes with approvals up and down the chain, and structural barriers of organisational silos.

So if you haven’t been digitised, you soon will be. However it is key to put a proper strategy in place and don’t find yourself just throwing technology at elements of your business to see if it works.  

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