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Not 9-5: Social Learning

Posted By: Wendy Edie

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A member of our development team once told me about a time at her previous company when she asked a colleague for help and the reply was that “they were not there to help her do her job”. I can’t comprehend this attitude as we are very lucky to have a culture of team work and supportive working practices. eCom have grown significantly in the last 2 years but this is something which we still hold dear.

However it makes it interesting when it’s me that needs the support or the advice of my peers. I’m in the envious position where I can manage my own time and take part in some great Social Learning from webinars, periscope events or reading blogs on topics that interest me and are focused around our core business objectives. Although when faced with challenging markets, it's difficult to find an avenue for discussion.

I’ve had the support of a great Account Manager from Scottish Enterprise for many years who has kept me focussed and sane. However often it’s talking with others who are running their own business that provides some of the best insight. The Fife Focus Entrepreneurial Scotland dinner* last week was the first time in many years where I felt that this support was finally available. It’s a small group, who are open and honest about their business issues. It is not a brag-fest about how amazing everything is, because no matter how much success we are achieving, there are always challenges.

Talking of success, the speaker for the evening was Bob Keillor, current CEO of the Wood Group and future Chair of Scottish Enterprise. Bob’s refreshingly honest approach encouraged everyone to discuss the issues they were facing and for us to use our collective experience to find solutions. Even though we were in different markets to each other, the core business aims are really the same.

It was a truly insightful evening, with many of the other attendees stating the same. We are continuing the discussions online to ensure we can keep getting value from the connections made. I am thankful that this new door of business support has been opened to me.

*Thanks to Pamela Stevenson from the Economic Partnership for the Invite and Sandy Kennedy, CEO of the Entrepreneurial Scotland.

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