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Mobile Learning: Points To Remember When Creating mLearning Content

Posted By: Aisha Doyle

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The need for users to access information from a mobile platform has become a necessity (read our blog post on this here) Mobile learning in an overall eLearning strategy is a needed requirement and understanding this, the next stage is to consider how you will present the eLearning course to users on a mobile platform.  

With such a high number of users now ‘multi-screening’, i.e. accessing information available on a desktop from their mobile, consistency of content across devices is essential. Learning content for mobile devices is not a simple case of making typography and images smaller.

Consistency in a cross-platform experience will provide a major benefit for both the learner and for your organisation. Users may access course information at work on a desktop and complete the course on the train home, via their mobile. As users move from desktop to mobile, consistency between platforms will help them to complete the eLearning course. Consistency can be through your branding, functionality, style of content, tone of questions and overall visual design.

A major aspect to remember when creating content for a mobile device is that screen size is significantly smaller than a desktop version. Understanding your user and their journey will help you to understand what information they will be looking for, and what information they need to access to complete the course. Therefore setting clear objectives, and ensuring that your user will meet these objectives, will contribute to your mobile platform’s success.

With 61% of users accessing information ‘on the go’, any content must be precise and clear, as users want to ‘easy click’ on information. Providing bite-sized chunks of information is a requirement for these users as they don’t want, or have time for, large amounts of content. This will help users to consume essential information and complete the course as efficiently and quickly as possible.



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