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The Future of eLearning

Posted By: Wendy Edie

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I just love spotting that title heading. It brings hope that someone has finally found the Holy Grail of eLearning and is ready to tell all. Except, every presentation that I have seen with this title leaves me with more questions than answers and I work within the industry! Just as a note… the future is not about eCommerce or Mobile Phones. We have had that technology since the 90s. It’s not really about the technology to be honest. New edtech is a given and will always grow over time. 

If there is anything new, then it must be people’s knowledge. There are some great people working within forward thinking organisations who understand the positive impact great learning resources can bring. eLearning is really only a small part of the solution.

Talent management has been talked about for a few years but in 2015 we will see this in much more common practice and truly integrated within businesses. It may not have that title but it will do what it says on the tin. 

Talent management isn’t just about eLearning; it needs to be culturally embedded in the Organisation. From this type of information you can see growth opportunities or skills gaps, where eLearning can provide the solutions. Again, there are options to suit Organisations such as 10 min performance improvement courses (e.g. Car Salesman training on the latest car models’ emission figures to help them sell cars) to full 1-hour courses on specific workforce training on highly technical subjects. 

Good technology is extremely important. You have to make sure it works to its full potential so that you don’t lose the engagement that you have already mustered.  Knowing what is possible with the technology is the Holy Grail!

At eCom we listen to the reasons behind your search for a solution. We are knowledgeable, flexible and supportive to ensure that the solution you have meets the needs of your Organisation as well as your users. eCom can’t predict the future, but we can ensure you are ready for it!

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