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Aisha: Happy to be at eCom!

Posted By: eCom Scotland

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eCom are delighted to support recent graduates in joining our fun and fast paced industry. We understand the importance of graduates leaving the comfort of education and finding the right job, one that is relevant to their subject and that they enjoy every day.

One of eComs newest members of staff, Aisha Doyle, has now been in her position as marketing assistant for the past month. As a 2013 Marketing graduate we thought we would ask her a few questions on finding work after graduating and her experience so far as a eCom member of staff.

Tell us about the start of your journey, where and what did you study?

I first attended City of Glasgow College and completed my HND in Advertising & PR before going to Glasgow Caledonian University and completing my BA Marketing Degree. Both courses helped me in very different ways, but both helped me to confirm that what I was studying was something I would want to continue doing once I left education.

How did you approach the ‘job hunt’ once you had graduated?

Every soon to be graduate has the exact same fear and the exact same question, what do I do next? I knew the industry I wanted to work in, just like everyone else usually does, but wasn’t sure how to break into it. It was a matter of tailoring my CV and making sure it was out there to industry specific individuals! I sent it directly to agencies as well as sending it to jobs found on the everyday recruitment sites. The more times you send it out, the more times it’s going to be seen!

For a month in summer after graduation, I joined a Glasgow digital marketing agency for work experience. Definitely a top tip for those looking for a job, being in the industry I wanted to work in (even if it was unpaid) is a great move. It was definitely one of the main reasons I was quickly recruited by a great agency in Glasgow.. this time for paid work!

How did you discover the role available at eCom and what enticed you to apply?

I had been following eCom on social media channels due to the work they do and they had advertised the marketing assistant role. The requirements for the role matched the experience I currently had and also provided the opportunity for me to grow. I applied through a link published on LinkedIn and was lucky enough to get an interview! The team had also just taken part in the WolfTrek wild walk before I joined & who doesn’t want to work for a company where their staff optionally walk 43 miles for charity?

What new skills have you learned so far?

eCom specialise in eLearning and it’s an industry in which not just anyone can work in. I love learning, and working at eCom definitely allows me to learn even more about the platforms used to develop training solutions alongside learning management systems, and the eLearning industry as a whole. Understanding the products and services eCom provide takes time, and is a skill in itself.

What have you enjoyed most in your first 4 weeks?

Before you start a new job you are always nervous, every company has its own way of doing things and it’s something only time at the company can help you with. I’m very lucky though, everyone is so kind and want you to feel as settled as possible. In the office alone we have such a range of individuals and job titles from multimedia designers, developers, and many more. There’s always someone about and someone whose everyday job is 100% different to what I do so it’s great to have a range of diversity. Learning about the eLearning industry and the wide range of clients eCom have had previously and those they currently work with has also been great. 

eCom are always interested in talking to those who feel they would suit a particular role here at eCom. You can take a look at our current job vacancies here. Or get in touch with us at  We look forward to hearing from you!

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