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Advantages of ‘How To’ Video Guides

Posted By: Wendy Edie

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When launching a new learning or assessment platform within an organisation, engagement is key.  The ethos of ‘build it and they will come’ holds no relevance - culture, engagement and embedding the platform into the fibre of the organisation is.

If engagement is tricky then instructional videos provide excellent real added value.

Minecraft is a perfect example of where instructional videos have created a higher level of engagement. Although now aimed at Children, StampyLongNose’s instructional videos on YouTube have revolutionised the way in which gamers interact with the ‘sand box’ platform.  The videos provide a ‘let’s play’ approach, showcasing ways to interact, what others have created, ultimately providing inspiration on how to best use of the resources available.  I have no doubt that my children would not be so hooked on this game if it hadn’t have been for Stampy.  They are regularly tuning into the latest video (where no schedule is determined but expectations are there and being met).

"I think Minecraft is an amazing platform. If you take their engagement and put it into a more productive space like education or the arts, they're going to be involved in that, they're going to be engaged."

Utilising this approach when creating a new platform within a professional organisation is achievable. At eCom we have created instructional videos for clients to showcase how to interact with their new platform and how to get the best out of the system, whether as an administrator or as a front end user. 

We are in the process of creating a series of instructional videos for each of our eNet® products, highlighting areas of importance and helpful tips. These will be available within our Customer Portal eConnect™ for administrators to access prior to launch or during the lifespan of the project as refreshers.  We will be regularly updating these with new suggestions and changes when browser updates are available.

Stampy has made such a success of his YouTube channel, with 2.3m subscribers and 845m total views. He is now creating a spin off YouTube Channel that is going to be purely educational based. 

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