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Top 3 eLearning Benefits

Posted By: Joe Barker

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Contemporary innovation has led to rapid growth of new eLearning materials, and such technology is becoming more utilised by multiple organisations across the country.

eLearning is fast becoming an essential training tool that more businesses seem to be adopting when it comes to up-skilling their workforce. According to the latest Towards Maturity report, around 84% of staff wish to utilise technology to share knowledge and assist others. Such statistics highlight that a digitalised learning platform provides a fundamental role for people who wish to fulfil their potential.

There are several great features when it comes to eLearning, but these are what I believe to be the top 3:

1) AccessibilityCurrent technology has allowed modern day learning to extend its reach, enabling greater ease of access. Smartphones and Tablet devices have opened up a gateway to learn on your commute to work or during a lunch break. Towards Maturity claim that 54% of the public like to learn on the go as it takes away the stress factor, giving you the freedom to keep up to date with course work and learning materials whenever you like.

2) Instant FeedbackWhilst studying towards an exam or certificate, one of the worst feelings is waiting on the result. It can be a long and tiring process. For instance, for school exams you have to wait up to 2 months to get your results. Unlike the traditional paper format, online assessments allow the user to evaluate and track their progress as they learn. Constructive feedback is vital to an individual’s learning development, giving them greater direction as to what subjects or modules they need to work more on.  Instant feedback encourages greater engagement with your tutor and peers from the comfort of your own home.

3) Cost EffectiveMany organisations are hesitant towards technological change, preferring to opt for more traditional training techniques. There is often a misconception that eLearning can be costly. However, the virtual learning environment can reach a large number of people with no geographical restrictions at a relatively low cost. Online marking has proven to cut administration cost and time. As a matter of fact, recent eLearning statistics suggest that 50% of businesses saved money when replacing traditional based training with digitalised learning content.

Delivery is evidently key when new training methods are implemented by organisations. Pay attention to who the content is aimed at and how it will be managed. Many businesses believe eLearning to be a valuable training resource which can generate an overwhelmingly positive effect on employee learning development. By incorporating eLearning strategies into your organisation you are said to increase productivity by over 50%.

Boost your employee engagement with an effective eLearning strategy from eCom. If you wish to find out more contact us:

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