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The future of education is set to go down a new and exciting path

Posted By: Wendy Edie

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We all got a little excited last week with the arrival of eCom’s Google Glass.  If you haven’t seen these before, they are essentially a pair of high-tech specs.  Utilising augmented reality and activated by voice commands results in us all looking a bit nutty talking to the glasses (ok – glass!) and waving our hands in the air as it superimposes the interface onto our environment.  In all seriousness though, we purchased these to research into the positive effects Google Glass can have on learning and development (L&D).

For us the interest is very much in technical and performance workforce support and learning. eCom create a lot of focussed, technical skills-based training that Google Glass could seriously enhance. For instance, in an environment where an engineer needs both hands to perform their role, they can be guided through a build process step by step in real time while actually undertaking the task. The user would be able to see both the real and the virtual comparison without interrupting the task to grab a gadget.

It really is all about creating the most engaging and effective experiences with new technology, whilst ensuring the technology is not hindering the learning.

Some of the most effective ways to learn are through role play and case studies, which are main players in many eCom eLearning content builds. Google Glass has the ability to quickly create Case Studies by filming real life scenarios using the Record facility. Learners can then view these scenarios from different perspectives whether that is a different angle (seeing more pitfalls) or from an individual’s perspective, for instance how body language is perceived. Learners can also play out various scenarios of what could happen at various tipping points of conversations/actions, showing how a scenario could escalate. We can then look at other people’s perspectives within the situation and use the augmented reality to pinpoint issues.

We feel we are still at the very tip of the Google Glass iceberg with regards to its capability for L&D.  We will continue to work on this in the run-up to showcasing their impact on L&D at this year’s GITEX14 in Dubai.

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