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'Selfie' Your Brand Message

Posted By: Wendy Edie

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The recent ‘no makeup selfie' trend that gripped the social media channels last week raised an astonishing £2m in just 48 hours for Cancer Research. A totally fabulous outcome and shows Facebook and Twitter working at its best. 

It was soon realised that this hashtag was not started by Cancer Research, but they were quick to get involved and reacted well to the activity of their brand.

The questions it raised on how to control a brand on social media channels and elsewhere are interesting. 

  • How would you react if your brand was hijacked?
  • How do you manage your brand on social media and elsewhere?
  • How do you teach your employees to represent your brand effectively?

Managing your brand, whether online or offline, requires consistent messages to be delivered across all levels of the business.  This becomes even more apparent when dealing internationally. 

It is essential that Brand/Sales Managers are clear on how to deal with your brand, how it is placed in the current markets and how they should pitch it within their local area. If your brand is built on quality and prestige then you must allow for these details to be fed down to everyone working with the brand. More importantly, you must ensure your message is not diluted through poor standards of training.

eLearning is becoming a great vehicle to get a consistent brand message across international teams.  The capability to track the learner’s activity creates a level of competency within the individual and their accountability towards the brand.

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