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eAssessment is not just for tests! Adaptive Assessment from eCom Scotland

Posted By: eCom Scotland

eAssessment can be used in many different applications such as in:

  • practical business activities - checking compliance
  • taking snapshots of how well a business process /culture is being integrated by staff
  • interviewing and recruitment process 
  • providing guidance and surveys

eCom Scotland clients have been using assessment thinking for complex questionnaires for times where it has traditionally been difficult to gain in-depth information such as for: Labour Market information; CPD Needs Analysis; 360’s; Leadership; Emotional Intelligence; Organisational Culture; and Training Needs Analysis.

The adaptive nature built into eCom’s assessment tool, eNetAssess™, allows the creation of a complex question flow, such as where the user’s response to a question predicts the next question or set of questions asked (branching), or where the question is designed to allow choices pulled from a variety of database tables (query).

Questions can be preloaded into eNetAssess™ with responses stored for review purposes, and to generate reports. Questions can be edited and added via the non-technical authoring tools provided; thereafter questionnaires can be distributed to candidates via a schedule. The system also allows for customisation of question template, facility to set-up of questions and questionnaire algorithms.

So, if you have been struggling using traditional survey tools and they just do not do what you want, then do what others such as Scottish Water and HADIL (the leadership arm of Norman Broadbent) have done and contact to find out more.

Adaptive Assessment from eCom. The ideal solution for Benchmarking, Training Needs Analysis, Guidance, Gap Analysis and so much more. 

About eCom Scotland

eCom is an award-winning, global organisation, offering a suite of online solutions designed to create a positive, measurable impact on your business. Quite simply, our products and services are easy to use, affordable and engaging. We are all about delivering a great client experience, through the application of technology and learning.

With over 16 years experience, our modular solutions, developed by our in-house team of experts, meet industry standards for accessibility in learning, making what we do available to all.

eCom continues to evolve with client service at the heart of what we do. This is what makes us special, and why clients come back to us time and time again.

Our range of award-winning solutions are already in use by a large number of organisations ranging from SMEs to corporates, government and awarding bodies. Clients include: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, Scottish Water, The SCORE Group, The Improvement Service.

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