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Digital learning technologies a game changer in medical education

Posted By: eCom Scotland

What is the most effective way to educate and train medical/science professionals, students or users of ground-breaking medical technology globally? What role can digital learning play?

The Potential of Digital Learning for Disease Prevention

Posted By: eCom Scotland

Could digital learning solutions decrease newly reportable cases in emerging infectious disease? Are mobile learning solutions the key to disseminating accurate disease prevention information? How can you use this untapped medium of information technology to provide consistent, accurate, timely and mobile information to team members across borders?

Invest in Skills to Attract Staff

Posted By: eCom Scotland

Brexit has brought a lot of uncertainly, particularly for organisations which rely on migrant workers. With 1 in 4 organisations saying they have EU national workers considering leaving this year and the Office for National Statistics showing that EU nationals are arriving in smaller numbers than in the past, there could be a serious problem of demand for workers outstripping supply. Organisations with large numbers of non-UK staff should be thinking about their future workforce now. Investing in structured skills development delivers wide-reaching benefits for both organisations and employees and will help them compete in an increasingly difficult job market.

How well do you understand the true cost of assessment?

Posted By: eCom Scotland

Understanding your assessment costs and the impact of moving to online assessment is key to building a business case for change and having this awareness also helps monitor and benchmark your current cost performance. Find out more about the potential savings that can be made by switching to eAssessment.

Dealing with Digital Disruption: How good is your ecosystem?

Posted By: eCom Scotland

Helping organisations manage disruptive change by developing solutions that fit their strategy, work with existing technologies and support the adoption of these solutions to ensure an effective learning ecosystem.



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